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Paint at Home

Just because you can't paint with us at the studio right now,  it does't mean you can't take us home with you!  Our new take home option allows you to do your painting at home at your own pace. We offer curbside pick up/drop off or local delivery.  It is super easy to do!  Choose your pieces and 4 beautiful paint colours per piece from our gallery, you also get white and/black if needed.  Call us to order at (416) 233-5512, we will confirm that we have your pieces in stock and arrange a curbside pick up time.  All payments currently are done via e-transfer and must be completed prior to pick up.
1. Pick your pieces from our gallery
2. Pick your 4 beautiful colours per piece.  You also get white and/or black if you need them.
3. Call us to order and confirm pieces are in stock.
4. Arrange a time for curbside pick up.
Ready to get started? Browse our collection of ceramics
Got Questions? Ready To Order? Call us at 416-233-5512
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