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About Us


Come on in and create with us! 

We are a small independent, family owned and operated, paint your own ceramics and glass fusing studio.  Creatively serving Toronto for over 29 years, we are YOUR creative studio for ceramics and glass. Table bookings and birthday parties are booked over the phone, so call to start your creative adventure with us!


It is perfect fun for any age! All you have to do is come on in and try it. You don’t have to be an artist to do this, you just need to want to have fun! We stock a wide variety of ceramic pieces available to paint from animal collectibles to mugs, bowls, plates, platters, and more! Check out our gallery for inspiration!

Pick Your Piece
Who's "All Fired Up forPottery to go"? W

Choose from our wide variety of unfinished ceramic pieces.   There are hundreds of pieces to choose from, cups, bowls, plates, banks, cars and much, much, more !!!

Pick your colours
Copy of IMG_20200409_174917_389.jpg

Plan your work of art and decide on your vibrant paint colors.  

Paint till you faint!

Take your time, and enjoy painting in the comfort of your own home or even backyard and make your masterpiece your very own.

Patience and time!
Super amazing pieces painted at home by

Patience is invaluable to the creation of great art.   Patience with yourself, patience with your masterpiece and patience with us. 

Let us do the Rest!

We will then dip your masterpiece in a glaze, fire it in our Kiln, and have it ready for you in 7 days.

How the pricing works:

Each piece has a price and it is just that plus tax!  To a get a sense of the cost, peruse the take home section where you will see the prices on the pictures of each piece. The cost includes the paints, glazing, and firing. 

We have a TON of pieces from mugs to plates, platters, bowls, boxes, banks, figurines and so much more that we simply cannot list them for you! We are always looking for new and exciting pieces so it is always a surprise for you when you come back again and again to add to your collection :) 

Non Toxic Paints

At All Fired Up, we are proud to only use non-toxic, food safe, and lead free paints and glaze!


Glass Fusing

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 our glass fusing program is temporarily suspended.  We look forward to having you come in and create with us again when we are allowed to host in studio artists.

It is fun!  It is easy!  It ROCKS! It is a great alternative to painting ceramics!

Learn how to make mosaics, suncatchers, plates, bowls and platters out of fused glass-just like the glass pieces done by professional artists, but it’s yours!  Just like with coming into paint ceramics, it is perfect fun for everyone and no appointment, talent or experience is required!  Because of the nature of glass, we recommend that ages 4-6 have an adult helping and 7 years plus to create on their own.

Pricing:Prices range from $18 for a necklace to $80 for a slumped platter. ​

Got Questions? Ready To Order? Call us at 416-233-5512
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